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21 August 2017

Prota Therapeutics releases data from four year immunotherapy study with outstanding results

19 June 2017

Graeme Wald, OneVentures, provides an update on the Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF), designed to stimulate private sector investment in medical research

10 June 2017

Find-Me Technologies joins Queensland Innovation Community at the startup Precinct

16 May 2017

OneVentures–growing Australian venture capital

27 March 2017

Qld’s largest startup hub to drive innovation and generate jobs

01 July 2016

Securing second-round funding can turbo-charge a young business

10 April 2016

Dror Ben-Naim Puts Digital Power in Professors’ Hands

22 March 2016

$20m in financing for blood-based bowel cancer test

22 March 2016

Clinical Genomics brings home $15M for two-gene colorectal cancer test

22 March 2016

Biotech company Clinical Genomics raises US$15 million round led by OneVentures

10 March 2016

Forget unicorns: ‘Dragons’ are the Australian startup problem no one’s talking about

09 December 2015

Good to great: turning an ideas boom into business

30 July 2015

Emerging Systems to integrate Charm into EHS

11 June 2015

Charm Health signs master agreement with Healthscope

23 February 2015

Vaxxas Nanopatch on Channel 7 News and Today Tonight

10 February 2015

Nanopatch vaccine technology company attracts $25 million

10 February 2015

A company developing needle-free vaccination tech just raised $25 million

10 February 2015

Vaxxas raises $25m in Series B financing

10 February 2015

Painful needles could one day be a thing of the past as Queensland’s Nanopatch gets financial injection

17 November 2014

Replacing vaccine needles with tens of thousands of drug-laced pins that won’t hurt a bit

07 November 2014

NICTA start-up Incoming Media backed with US$4.9M Series A funding

04 November 2014

Incoming Media Receives Investment from OneVentures and Intel Capital

13 October 2014

Professor Mark Kendall: Team Brisbane

30 September 2014

Smart Sparrow wins Gates e-learning grant

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