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Phocas creates business intelligence software that makes people feel good about data.

The shifts that we have seen in last couple of years such as hybrid working, supply chain disruption, digitisation, managing risk and inflation – have driven greater demand for Phocas. In the current operating environment, harnessing data is fundamental to helping business people report, implement, measure and take action from anywhere.

Phocas has developed newer extended planning and analysis tools that have opened new markets and provided the means to grow into multiple industries.

Companies are shifting from running uncoordinated data efforts within silos to launching integrated data programs that reflects the needs of all people across the business. Phocas software allows businesses to run these new operating models more sustainably so people can budget and forecast collectively and securely, customise reporting for all departments and analyse and plan for every aspect of the company from headcount forecasting to number of items to produce as well as carry out “what if scenario modelling”.

Phocas software makes people feel good about data because it specialises in helping them to consolidate data into one place so they can make sense of it and make fast, accurate decisions.

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