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Flippa is the #1 marketplace to buy and sell digital real estate, such as online businesses, apps, blogs, eCommerce stores, SaaS businesses or digital services.

The digital asset marketplace is maturing as investors and companies look to gain value by acquiring blogs, stores, sites and apps, rather than developing them from scratch. This has opened up a new market for developers, publishers or entrepreneurs to capitalise on their successful digital asset, and sell vis a secure marketplace to the highest offer.  

In 2022, 170,000 new buyers joined the Flippa platform with buyers segmented into three distinct type(s) – Institutional & Company Buyers, Acquisition Entrepreneurs and Side Hustlers.

While by count, Institutional and Company Buyers represented just 7.3% of the net new buyer pool (7,687), their purchasing power is immense making up 58% of purchasing power at 21.2BN. The average company buyer has an acquisition budget of $2.7MM with some as high as $75MM, which is greater than 10x the buyer average at $213,000.

When looking at the Top 100 deals sold on Flippa for 2022, 77% of the online businesses purchased were acquired by company buyers. Examples include a publisher in Florida who acquired a compliance blog for mid 7-figures to compliment their existing portfolio of sites. And, an app aggregator who paid mid 8-figures for a portfolio of apps.

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