Fleet Space

The world’s most advanced NanoSatellite technology

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Fleet Space is the global leader in NanoSatellite Digital Beamforming for Low Power Wide Area Networks, having designed, built and launched Australia’s only commercial NanoSatellites. The company has produced the world’s first 3D printed all-metal patch antenna, gaining 10X more throughput per kilo of spacecraft. Combined, these new technologies provide unrivalled planet-wide, 2-way connectivity for the industrial internet of things.

Fleet Space build and operate constellations of small satellites equipped with advanced communications payloads to deliver private wireless IoT connectivity. They are able to scale up to millions of low-cost devices anywhere they’re needed and manage remotely with direct to satellite connectivity.

Some of the key features include:

  • Low power Satellite communication
  • Unique Nanosatellite tech with 3D printed all metal patch antenna and digital beamforming technology
  • ExoSphere product – World’s first satellite enabled seismic sensor:
    • Direct to satellite connectivity
    • Battery powered and rechargeable
    • 3D images in days (if not hours)
    • Low environmental impact

Fleet Space has immediate commercial applications, perfect for connecting assets and environments in hard to reach places. From utilities to mining, defence to research, Fleet Space has the connectivity for any remote operation.

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