Creating cutting edge holograms

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8i is the industry leader in the capture, transformation and streaming of holograms.

8i are making 3D holograms a commercial reality. From the initial motion capture to transforming through bleeding edge machine learning and computer vision software, 8i have solved many of the challenges to make holograms accessible. They are able to fuse footage from up to 60 camera angles into a single volumetric/holographic video, compress gigantic files into real-time streamable formats, and an editing tool that works seamlessly with industry-leading 3D tools like Maya.

What does this mean? Holograms can now serve many commercial and creative purposes, such as taking events, keynotes and marketing to a more immersive experience. They can project entertainers and create hologram performances from famous artists, streaming on-demand or in real-time. Fashion retailers can redefine how shoppers discover, try-on, purchase, and share their favourite products using holograms. Teachers can even teleport their classroom into realistic simulations to learn, practice and master skills using holograms.

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