1V Venture Credit Fund

The OneVentures Credit Fund launched in August 2018,  raising  up to $100M in funds available for high-growth technology companies.

The Fund is focused on rapidly growing companies that are differentiated through technological innovation, with strong revenue growth. In particular, OneVentures is looking for companies operating in the SaaS, fintech, marketplace and e-commerce spaces, who are led by exceptional founding teams and generating >$3-5M in revenue.

Venture credit is attractive to companies seeking a less dilutive financing option, or companies looking to incorporate venture credit within the funding mix of their capital raising round. It provides a longer capital runway, allowing companies more time to achieve important milestones before a subsequent round of financing. In the same way as our equity investments, the OneVentures team will continue to provide insight, network and strategic knowledge to the investee company.

The fund is seeking technology companies with a strong product market fit, investing $500K to $5M per company and making approximately 40 investments.

Airbnb host management company   $4M venture credit financing (June 2019)

Airbnb host management company

$4M venture credit financing (June 2019)