OneVentures Healthcare Fund III

In December 2016 OneVentures launched its $170M Healthcare Fund III. This Fund invests in therapeutics, devices and diagnostics at or near clinical development with a clear commercial, regulatory and reimbursement pathway; and well-defined value inflection and exit points on deal entry.

The fund will invest $10 to $20 million per company in Australian domiciled companies. The OneVentures team will provide support to drive these opportunities through the clinical, regulatory and reimbursement processes to achieve prominence in global markets.

The fund is licenced under the Commonwealth Government’s Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF) programme. The BTF programme was established to provide a pool of public and private funds for investment in promising biomedical innovations with commercialisation potential managed by leading Australian venture firms. OneVentures was granted an $85 million license supported by matching capital from its private investor network. The BTF funding provides benefits to investors both during the investment phase and on realisation.

   Food allergy therapeutics.    Led $15M Series A.   September 2016.

 Food allergy therapeutics.

 Led $15M Series A.

 September 2016.