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Founders & Executives Forum and Investor Briefing - End of Year 2018


Our bi-annual Investor Briefings are key events in the 1V calendar, providing our investors with the opportunity to directly interface with our portfolio company CEOs and Founders – our investors choose OneVentures because we ‘invest with purpose’, and they highly value the opportunity to meet and talk with you: the people who are driving value.

Our Founders & Executives Forum is equally important to us as it provides the opportunity to relay our collective experience, as well as the experience of those in our network, and facilitate those discussions that will best support the growth of your company.


Please note the following dates:

  • Monday 26 November, COB

    Due date to provide me with your portfolio company update slide

  • Wednesday 5 December, 10am - 3pm (4pm finish for presenters)

    Sydney Founders and Executives Forum - All companies

    OneVentures offices, Level 13, 179 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW

  • Wednesday 5 December, 6pm - 9pm

    Sydney Investor Briefing - All companies

    Museum of Contemporary Art (Quayside Room), 140 George Street, The Rocks NSW

  • Thursday 28 June from, 12pm - 2pm

    Melbourne Investor Briefing - Melbourne-based companies

  • Tuesday 12 December June from, 12pm - 2pm

    Brisbane Investor Briefing - Brisbane-based companies



Founders & Executives Forum

We are delighted to be bringing you another insightful forum this year - please find the agenda below. This is a great opportunity to indulge in some professional development and to network with other CEOs. Irrespective of the sector in which you operate, many of you share the same challenges, and we encourage you to use this opportunity to share your experiences.

 [Presenters agenda link]

[General agenda link]

Sydney Investor Update

This year, we are changing the format from our previous events in order to maximise the time we have. We have noticed that as the OneVentures’ portfolio has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to facilitate individual company updates.

This year, we will begin a new format where we will cycle through these presentations. Not everyone will speak at every event and the presenters will change each time.

Each presenter will give a more in-depth 5-minute update, followed by a brief, facilitated Q&A session for follow-on questions.

An agenda for the Sydney Investor Briefing is also below for your information. A reminder that we provide an ‘in camera’ update to our investors from which our portfolio companies are excluded, then invite you in to the room for the portfolio updates and Q&A’s.

Following presentations, we invite all our guests to network informally over drinks and canapés. We will work with you to set up a ‘station’ for each of the portfolio companies at which we ask you to base yourselves initially.

There are two things we would like to arrange prior to the briefing:

  1. Your company update slide: Please find the template for this year attached. I have also attached your slide from last year for reference. There are some notes to guide your preparation on the last page of the Founders & Executives Forum agenda.

    For those who are not presenting on the night, your slides will be made available to our investors via our Investor Portal.

  2. Your demo station: Please let me know what marketing/demo materials you will be bringing on the day (or beforehand if required). Please let me know the best way to arrange, or if you need any assistance at all.

[Investor Briefing agenda link] 

Melbourne and Brisbane Investor Updates

Only Melbourne/Brisbane-based companies will be presenting at the interstate briefings, which will run the same format as the Sydney briefing. The same slide will be used that you prepare for the Sydney event. If you have any questions about this event please do not hesitate to contact me.

Finally, if you have not yet RSVP’d for the events listed above please be sure to do so below by COB Monday 26 November.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Please let us know what you will be bringing along for your company 'station', and whether you require any assistance. If you are travelling to attend, please let us know your travel plans such as when you are arriving/departing.
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