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Developed at the University of Queensland, Vaxxas' Nanopatch™ technology aims to provide a needle-free vaccine delivery product that safely and cost effectively increases vaccine effectiveness. The platform induces robust immune system activation by targeting vaccine to the abundant immunological cells immediately below the surface of the skin.

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✔ Improved immunogenicity

Direct delivery of the vaccine to key immune cells just below the outer surface of the skin enables the Nanopatch™ to potentially enhance the immune response generated by a vaccine.



✔ No cold chain

Only a fraction of the vaccine dose is needed, compared to when administered by needle and syringe (as little as one hundredth of the dose).

Temperature stability is achieved through a novel coating, eliminating the need for costly cold distribution chains. Vaccines can be administered in parts of the world where cold chain infrastructure is unreliable or non-existent.


✔ Pain free

Pain is eliminated through the Nanopatch™ vaccine deliver system, which uses microscopic projections which do not reach the nerve endings or cause pain.


✔ Cost effective

High volume, low cost production is enabled by taking advantage of established manufacturing techniques. Use of the Nanopatch™ results in elimination of the cold chain, lowered vaccine dose, reduction in needle stick injuries and cost savings which should result in greater compliance with vaccination programs.






OneVentures explores research projects at University of Queensland.

After exploring opportunities at the University of Queensland, Anne-Marie Birkill identifies Vaxxas’ needle-free Nanopatch technology as a truly innovative product which fits OneVentures’ investment criteria.

The decision to invest in Vaxxas is based on its potential to address a large and growing global market need, strong initial proof of concept and science.



OneVentures raises $15M in initial fundraising round to transform Vaxxas into a viable product-driven company.

As lead Partner on the portfolio and Chairman of the Board of Vaxxas, Dr Paul Kelly negotiates licencing agreements and establishes the infrastructure and management needed to enable the company’s transition to commercialisation, to make the Nanopatch viable product that can be taken to market and replace current, inefficient vaccine delivery in the future.




Vaxxas is granted WHO Funding to evaluate the effectiveness of Nanopatch in polio vaccine delivery.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announces that it will fund Vaxxas to test and evaluate the effectiveness of Nanopatch™ in delivering a new polio vaccine. Upon successful completion of the trial, Vaxxas will supply Nanopatches to help secure a lasting polio-free world by enabling vaccine delivery in regions where polio has re-emerged and eradication is most challenging.


Vaxxas is awarded World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

Vaxxas, one of only 24 leading start-ups, is selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a Technology Pioneer for 2015.

The program recognises start-up phase companies from around the world that are involved in the design, development and deployment of new technologies that will have a significant impact on business and society.



Vaxxas granted over $4M by Gates Foundation to fund pre-clinical development targeting measles rubella vaccine.

Through the pre-clinical development of Nanopatch microarray patch technology for the delivery of the vaccine, the grant aims to address gaps in measles rubella coverage in low and middle-income countries.

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Vaxxas receives funding through the Australian Research Council’s Future Fellowships scheme to further develop its Nanopatch technology.



Vaxxas appoints David Hoey as first CEO and expands into the US.

OneVentures introduces David Hoey to drive __. David has become instrumental in the __.

The company establishes a commercialization office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to expand access to global pharmaceutical partners and complement research and development operations based in Queensland.



The World Vaccine Congress votes the Vaxxas investment the best Vaccine Venture Capital deal at the 2012 Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards



Collaboration with Merck.

Dr Paul Kelly leads Vaxaas’ research collaboration with Merck, the world's oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company and one of the leading global vaccine companies, to evaluate Vaxxas' proprietary Nanopatch™ platform.



One Ventures leads $25M Series B Financing.

OneVentures leads the fund-raising round to advance a series of clinical programs and develop a pipeline of new vaccine products for major diseases.

This new round of financing brings the total capital raised by Vaxxas to A$40 million (US$33 million).


Vaxxas commences its first human trials of the Nanopatch™ in Australia.