Dr Michelle Deaker

Managing Partner

BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD





Deal lead

Smart Sparrow | Incoming Media | Employment Hero | 8i




Networks beyond 2000 | E Com Industries  

Current Seats

Seven West Media (ASX SWM) | Smart Sparrow | Incoming Media | Employment Hero | 8i | Head over Heels


NICTA (now Data 61) | AVCAL Venture Capital Working Group | NSW Government's Taskforce for the Digital Economy


Michelle established OneVentures in late 2006, coming into the venture capital industry as a successful IT industry business owner and entrepreneur. The Company she founded in 1999, E Com Industries (www.giftvouchers.com), became the leading prepaid card and electronic voucher provider in Australia, servicing over 100 major retail brands including Coles Myer and Woolworths, managing $700m in Australian retail liability and eventually expanding operations into the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand. E Com was acquired by UK publicly listed company, Retail Decisions, in 2005, in a transaction returning to investors 4.6xcapital and an average IRR of 70%. Notably, E Com industries was one of only a handful of Australian companies that successfully migrated the dotcom boom and crash through to a successful outcome for investors. Prior to E Com Industries, Michelle established IT enterprise business, Networks Beyond 2000.

Michelle has extensive experience in the development of high growth technology companies, a strong background in Australian R&D and expertise in global business expansion. She has negotiated technology transfer contracts with research institutions; raised finance; established financing syndicates with Australian, Asian and US investors; supported early breakthrough commercial contracts; leveraged her extensive networks for the benefit of OneVentures companies; and negotiated both financing and exit transactions.

Michelle serves on the Board of Seven West Media (ASX SWM) (Channel 7, Yahoo7, Pacific Magazines and West Australian News).  Michelle is also a Non-Executive Director and co-chair of portfolio company Smart Sparrow (e-Learning), a non-executive director of Incoming Media (mobile video), non-executive director and current chairperson of Employment Hero (HR software) and deal lead for 8i (virtual reality software). She is a former Director of NICTA, Australia's National ICT Centre of Excellence (now Data 61), member of the AVCAL Venture Capital Working Group and was a member of and consulted on the NSW Government's Taskforce for the Digital Economy. Michelle is also an Advisory Board Member of Head over Heels, a non-profit organisation aiming to increase the representation of women leading high growth businesses.

Michelle has over 10 years' experience in research and development with leading Australian universities and CSIRO where she not only worked in technical areas but also in corporate public affairs. She holds a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) (double major in Physics and Chemistry) and with both Commonwealth and CSIRO Postgraduate Research Scholarships and numerous publications, was awarded a Master of Science and a PhD in Applied Science. She was the Vice-Chancellor's nominee and subsequently selected as a Queen's Trust representative, has lectured in the Faculty of Applied Science and guest lectured MBA marketing students.